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Welcome to the home of The Absent House!

Welcome to the home of The Absent House: A Caribbean designer and a pioneer of green architecture 30 years ago, today confronts climate change with sustainable constructions such as a house without a roof, a micro- ...


6th Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF)

La Casa Ausente had a spectacular reception during the 6th Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (DREFF). Hundreds of enthusiastic people attended our screenings and participated in engaging Q&A sessions. Two special screenings were hosted by ...

Review Video Librarian

Video Librarian Review of The Absent House

I was notified that, unbeknown to me, Video Librarian had reviewed The Absent House. “Video Librarian is the video review magazine for public, school, academic, and special libraries, as well as video fans who are ...


New electric car from the Architect of The Absent House

Fernando Abruña Charneco, the father of architectural sustainability in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico, and featured in The Absent House documentary, has recently unveiled a new electric car. Visit the website Urbano Green Works for more ...

LASA-La Casa Ausente

La Casa Ausente at the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) Film Festival.

La Casa Ausente opened the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) Film Festival in May 27 at the Caribe Hilton Auditorium. It is an honor for the film and a great platform for exposure. I recently ...

EYF2015 Comp

The Absent House at the California Film Institute’s 7th Annual Environmental Youth Forum, 2015.

La Casa Ausente / The Absent House was selected to participate in the prestigious California Film Institute’s 7th Annual Environmental Youth Forum (EYF) 2015. It goes on from February 2-4, 2015. On February 3, the second ...

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Architect Fernando Abruña Charneco of The Absent House is also an inventor!

On September 2, 2014 he received the certificate for Patent No. US 8,820,010 B2 for a Jalousie Window with a Daylighting and Shading Shelf. This intelligent window has security bars in each jalousie, shading trays ...

Escuela de Dorado

Ecological School receives Gold LEED Certification

The Dorado Ecological School designed by Abruña & Musgrave Architects was awarded the LEED Gold certification as established by the United States Green Building Council and verified by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). This is the ...

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Icarus Films and Espresso TV: Distributors of The Absent House

We are very proud to have signed distribution contracts with Icarus Films and Espresso TV. Icarus Films distributes innovative and provocative documentary films from independent producers around the world. They cover the USA and Canada. Icarus Films has a very strong presence ...


The Absent House is the opening film of the Greenbuild Film Festival 2014

The Absent House is the opening film of the Greenbuild Film Festival. The festival, from October 22-23, 2014, is organized by the US Green Building Council as part of the Greenbuild International Show and Expo, in New Orleans, ...


Poster of La Casa Ausente

The Puerto Rican designer Julio C. Arraut created this gem poster for the film The Absent House. The poster was selected in the sample of movie posters of the 35th Festival of New Latin American ...


La Casa Ausente Trailer

Watch trailer by clicking here.

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The Absent House in the DOCM in Visions du Réel in Switzerland

Click here to see the page of The Absent House in the DOCM in Visions du Réel in Switzerland.  

FA Dymaxion en Miami

Buckminster Fuller

Architect Fernando Abruña Charneco was mentored by Buckminster Fuller, the 20th Century DaVinci.

Nieves González

Nieves González interviews the Architect

Journalist and commentator Nieves González, from 11Q Radio, interviews the Architect about the Escuela Ecológica de Culebra and sustainable design.

FA con Campus Rider

Campus Rider

In his constant quest to do more with less, Abruña Charneco designed Campus Rider, a solar-electric car. The prototype will be exhibited during the month of October at the Popular Center in Hato Rey. Here we see ...

Ausente Construction_0007

Construction of the House

The Architect discusses the construction of The Absent House.


Escuela Ecológica Niños Uniendo al Mundo

La Escuela Ecológica Niños Uniendo al Mundo, designed by Abruña & Musgrave, is a school in a class by itself. The boys and girls that attend it become ecological citizens with a deep sense of respect ...

sin Título

Futurist architecture

From the start of his architectural career and influenced by the ideas of his mentor Buckminster Fuller, Abruña Charneco has designed tens of futurist and conceptual buildings. Some of them were precursors of The Absent ...

Ausente book cover

Books and publications

Abruña Charneco has written and self-published more than a dozen books and manuals about architecture, construction, and sustainable design, all aimed at the layman.

Solaria FP

Solaria and Villas Miantojo

Villas Miantojo and Abruña Charneco worked together to offer Solaria, the first sustainable pre-designed, low-cost house. In 2011, Solaria won the Green Builder Best Affordable Integration Award. In order: José Hernández Castrodad, CEO, Empresas Villas Miantojo.


Escuela Ecológica de Culebra

The Escuela Ecológica de Culebra is the first sustainable public school built by the Department of Education in Puerto Rico. It was designed by Abruña & Musgrave. The construction was not easy because all the building ...

Vecino Ausente

Doubters and skeptics

At the beginning, there were friends, family members, neighbors, and professionals who did not believe in the The Absent House, and thought the Architect had gone crazy. In order: Manuel Fernández, neighbor; Adolfo Norcisa, Architect; Fernando ...

The Absent House

Previous projects

During the production of The Absent House, we produced two short documentaries to create awareness about the project, raise funds, and spread the word about the Architects’s work with his students. Here is one of them.