Welcome to the home of The Absent House

Welcome to the home of The Absent House: A Caribbean designer and a pioneer of green architecture 40 years ago, today confronts climate change with sustainable constructions such as a house without a roof, a micro- eco-house on wheels, a parachute-house and a solar-electric car. When he began designing in the 1970‘s many dubbed him as “crazy” for putting nature first before erecting a building, a practice to be known as sustainable green architecture. He inherited the design mantra of “doing more with less” from his mentor R. Buckminster Fuller, the inventor of the Geodesic Dome, with whom he worked as an apprentice. In times of climate change, The Absent House issues a dynamic and hopeful message that we can live sustainably and preserve the planet for future generations. This site contains images, videos and information related to the documentary. Some are included in the documentary, others are not. New material is added periodically.  Relax, sit down, make yourself at home, and explore all the spaces of The Absent House. I look forward to receiving and reading your comments through your favorite form of electronic communication. Before you explore the site, please read the page About the documentary first.