Using a Compost Toilet in The Absent House

Human feces and urine can be recycled for fertilizing crops, generating energy, conserving drinking water, protecting our waterways, and slowing down the climate crisis. But we are still flushing, even though we can make billions of dollars if we do it the dry way. My next film “Shit Happens” will lead an investigative quest across four continents for sustainable answers. We have already secured 35% of the budget. In the meantime, I shoot and edit video about topics related to the film.

Like this short and humorous one where I show how easy, safe, and clean it is to use a compost toilet, contrary to what most people may imagine. We recorded it in The Absent House in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico. It is a house completely disconnected from the water and electrical grids. The house has three compost toilets, harvests the rainfall, and stores solar energy in batteries.