Ecological School receives Gold LEED Certification

The Dorado Ecological School designed by Abruña & Musgrave Architects was awarded the LEED Gold certification as established by the United States Green Building Council and verified by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). This is the highest LEED certification granted to a public school in Puerto Rico. Buildings are responsible for 39% of CO2 emissions, 40% of energy consumption, 13% water consumption and 15% of GNP per year, making green building a source of significant economic and environmental opportunities. A national commitment to green building has the potential to generate 2.5 million jobs in the United States and Puerto Rico. The Dorado Ecological School achieved LEED Gold certification for its efficient use of energy, lighting, water and materials, as well as incorporating a variety of other sustainable strategies. Buildings like the Dorado Ecological School save money by using less energy and water, reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and contributing to a healthy environment for residents, workers and the community in general. The green design elements of the school which positively impact the environment and the community at large include: 1. Reduction of 99.4% of potable water for sanitary use. 2. Reduction of 76% in total consumption of drinking water. 3. Energy savings equivalent to 58.8%. 4. Savings based on lowered energy consumption equivalent to 54.5%. 5. The school earned an Energy Star score of 90 .

This information was taken from an article that appeared in El Nuevo Día, a Puerto Rican daily newspaper.